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TFY Blog

Tonie's TFY Story πŸ’ͺ

Tonie lost 20lbs, fits in a smaller dress size and is feeling motivated and ready to smash her goals in the Beach Please Challenge! Learn more about her story πŸ’ͺ

Kali's Booty Building Secrets

The glutes are one of the strongest muscles on your body and are used very often in every day life! And of course they look good in a sundress πŸ˜‰...

My Pandemic Transformation Story

Learn the programs, challenges and habits I used to gain over the last couple of years! It was a rollercoaster but thats ok because life is all about phases and...

3 Training Methods You Need to Try

3 TRAINING METHODS YOU NEED TO TRY Learn 3 bomb training methods that will challenge your muscles and help you see new gains! My new GLOW challenge comes with 13+...

When and How to Supplement Protein

WHEN AND HOW TO SUPPLEMENT PROTEIN The biggest problem I come across with my girls is that they just simply CAN'T reach their calories or CAN'T reach their macros, specifically...

How to Recover After Lower Body Day

HOW TO RECOVER AFTER LOWER BODY DAY When you are lifting your heavy weights you are ripping and tearing your muscle fibres making room for muscle growth, but this isn't...


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