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Calorie Calculator- Find out how much you need to eat!

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You calculated your caloric needs.. so now you may be wondering "what does that mean"? This cookbook and nutrition guide is here to answer that question.

Need help reaching your calories?

My Cookbook and nutrition guide goes into detail about calories, macros, water intake and general nutrition MUST KNOWS to reach your goals.

And of course provides you with delicious and nutritious recipes with varying calories.

I use this cookbook every time I'm unsure of what I want to eat. Sometimes being unsure of what you want to eat in a day actually makes you eat less and less nutritious. I'm trying to make gains and I need to eat around 2500-2700 calories per day for my goal, so referring to this book helps me quickly decide on a yummy snack before my workout, a dinner to make for myself or my fam or a nutritious fun breakfast if I am feeling too lazy to come up with something myself early in the morning.

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