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Energize Your Life With 5 Different Habits 💪

The Energize Challenge is based off of the concepts discussed in this post. From coffee, to preworkout, to energy drinks, people end up trying to fuel their days using solutions from the outside rather than using simple methods and nutrition habits that will give them all the energy in the world from within.

Let's talk about them 💪 

#1 Your Morning Routine

Your morning is the first chance of your day to set the tone for the rest of the day! In the energize challenge we practice a habit known as the "energize morning". This habit consists of:

  • good morning nutrition
  • giving yourself time (not rushing your morning)
  • meditation
  • organization
  • personal hygiene routine
  • and gratitude.

All of these things will help you increase your mood, set intentions for your day, set your space up for success, feel clean, hydrated and fed. There is no better combination than that to ignite energy first thing in the morning and set your day up from a more intentional mental space. 

We go into more detail about each one of those points and how you can start implementing them as a habit in the energize challenge.



Moving and pushing your body in general helps increase your energy by releasing natural endorphins throughout your body. Endorphins are released during movement and exercise that is vigorous and pushes your limits so make sure you get some movement into your day as often as you can to increase your mood and ignite more energy for life. Movement can include things like:

  • Working out
  • Jogging
  • Yoga/Stretching Flows
  • Hiking
  • Biking

The energize challenge has you working out 4-5 days per week with many stretching flows for you to do on your recovery days to make sure you are always moving and releasing as many endorphins as you can.


Nutrition is the fundamental source of physical energy your body is going to get but it also largely contributes to your mental energy as well. Your brain absorbs about 20% of the calories you eat daily to fuel mental processes. It also utilizes fats like omega-3 for the production of cell membranes in your brain and body which helps create healthier brain cells and prevent deterioration of your brain. 

A healthy brain and a healthy body create a healthy mind which gives you more mental energy to move through life.

The energize challenge helps you learn about nutrition and provides an entire nutrition section with a bunch of new recipes that will supply you with nutrient dense foods to add to your diet to help you optimize your brain and body. 



When talking about energy, of course sleep is going to help you increase your energy as that is literally what sleep is for. While you sleep your body absorbs nutrients, recovers your muscles, and operates at a lower intensity lowering the amount of calories needed over your sleep period. This allows those calories to be used in important metabolic processes like protein synthesis and digestion.

The energize challenge talks about sleep in more detail and gives you recommendations on how to get optimal sleep.



 It is important to check in with yourself throughout the day. I call them "mental check in checkpoints" these are points in your day you stop, shut your eyes, reflect and set intentions about how you want to move forward in your day. I choose times like:

  • driving
  • waiting in line
  • using the washroom
  • after I finish a task
  • before I go to sleep and after I wake up

The things I think about at the checkpoints are

  • how am I feeling?
  • what could I have done better today? What did I do good?
  • what am I going to do to make the next portion of my day better than the last?
  • what do I need right now?
  • what would I, at my highest self, look like moving through the rest of my day?

This is reflecting and setting intentions... this is a practice we focus on a lot in the energize challenge. I want you all to be super intentional with your self talk and intention setting so that your days are always goal oriented and distractions are low. This gives you energy... envisioning yourself moving through your day with energy and envisioning the good results that will come from it excite you and therefore give you more energy to smash the rest of your day's tasks.


These are 5 habits we discuss in great detail in the energize challenge. I chose to create the energize challenge because I realized that most people don't see results because they don't have the mental and physical energy required to push through their goals and really commit to them due to a clouded, exhausted mind from the lack of intentional care it is given on a daily basis. 

Your mind is everything... you can lift weights, eat the foods you're told to eat but without your mind being a sound safe place your energy levels will not be optimal and therefore your potential will not be reached.

All of that being said, the energize challenge simultaneously helps you focus on your THICC goals or your SHRED goals from home or from the gym (both included in one PDF). 

So what are you waiting for?
Energize your life and work on your body goals all at once on my BBK ENERGIZE challenge!


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