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Tonie's TFY Story 💪

Tonie's TFY Story 💪

Can we just give Tonie a big round of applause? WOW! She absolutely smashed her goals and in just 6 weeks of working with us on the Talk to the Peach Challenge!

Our challenges are designed to optimize your workout sessions to get you best results but also give you lifestyle and nutrition advice that you can take beyond the challenge and implement in your everyday life.

Tonie signed up for the TTTP 6W Challenge + chose the Meal Plan Add On!

Here is Tonie's story:

"I have really struggled with my postpartum body since having my son just over one year ago. The Talk to the Peach challenge held me accountable, I made sure I found time to commit to it and I am so happy with the results! I love having the exercise videos linked within the plan so I could see an example of any exercises I was unsure of. I also liked knowing not only just the number of reps, but how much weight I should use to push myself and the tempo of each movement.

I've followed Kali for years, and I have always wanted to do one of the challenges, but it was never the right time for me until the Talk to the Peach challenge! It was exactly 6 weeks before my besties wedding and I had goals of fitting into the next size down bridesmaids dress! Thanks to Kali, I smashed that goal, losing a total of 20 pounds! Plus, within 2 weeks of the challenge, my husband was very impressed with how quickly my body shape changed! Especially my peach!
I am looking forward to the Beach Please challenge! I've got huge goals I want to hit by summer"
As Tonie did, we always recommend our challenge girls sign up for both the challenge and the meal plan add on in order to get the best results! As you can see Tonie saw gorgeous results, feels better and is ready to rock her results to her best friends wedding!
If Tonie can do it so can you! Make sure to get your spot in the Beach Please challenge now! We start in just a weeks time and nutrition bundle packages are going fast! This challenge is just as results driven and effective as TTTP Challenge ... if not more 👀 so you don't want to miss it!
Get your spot by clicking HERE
See you on Monday 👀 💪 
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