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My Pandemic Transformation Story

My Pandemic Transformation Story

It has been a long two years of uncertainty regarding lockdowns and the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic it was hard to stay consistent and focused on fitness through gym openings and closings, new restrictions on the time you were allowed at the gym etc. but I found a way to use my nutrition, limited workouts and my mentality to keep my self on track and reach big goals!

My Pandemic Fitness Journey

My 2 year pandemic transformation

2020 - 2021

I started January 2020 at 126 lbs (left photo). I previously weighted 138 lbs at my heaviest. When I lost the bulk of that weight I was going through a toxic relationship, toxic break up, overworking myself, hardly eating and spent my days doubting myself, my worth and did not treat myself with love.

January 2020, 126lbs

When I took the before pictures I was preparing my before picture for my "Start It Right Challenge" which was my first fitness challenge of 2020. Doing the challenge really picked me up out of my funk and got me focusing on myself again - my health, well being, fitness and happiness - which really helped me get back on track, get back in a good training habit and especially got me back into a better eating habit.

Months went by and of course lockdowns began. I finished the start it right challenge and right after created my at home workout plans due to the pandemic and was following the Booty builder at home plan! I was devastated at first like "wow, now that I'm getting back into it we're going to just close the gym"? But one thing I learned from the lockdown experience is that the mentality you have will take you further than any gym. I made it work, I used booty bands, set up an at home gym and trained as heavy as I could, a fraction of what I could do at the gym, but I used new methods to challenge my muscles as much as I could and still saw results! Training from home had me trying new things like being able to do pushups again and pistol squats which I could never do; I found that adding performance based activities to my training was really fun, rewarding and helped me continue to see results!

By April I started to really see the difference in my health, body, mentality and confidence. I really started to feel like me again


April 2020, unknown weight

For a couple of months I kind of maintained this leaner look. In June of 2020 I launched my Bikini Build, Peachy & Bikini Burn Challenges. I personally followed the Peachy program because I was looking to continue to grow my glutes and really kill it in the strength and hypertrophy range for a while. I was ready to take my fitness to a new level, after being lower weight for so long.

By the end of the summer I was thicker and feeling a lot more confident in my body. I wanted to have a thicker look, as nice as having abs and more muscle definition was it wasn't for me and didn’t make me feel sexy.

August 2020, 138lbs

At this point I had gained 12lbs and was rocking the thicker look I liked! During the fall I launched my Energize Challenge which was split into THICC and Shred and guess what I followed? THICC 😂 ofc... This challenge really helped me end the year off super strong, thiccer than ever at 142lbs and so confident and focused with myself, my health (physically and mentally) and my goals.

 Before picture (Jan, 2020): 126lbs, After picture (December, 2020): 142lbs


The year started and I continued on my gains journey with my peachy challenge which was my first challenge of the year! We focused on glute dominant exercises, eating GOOD and whole meals and I continued to see gains. By the end of this challenge I was 148lbs - my heaviest ever (still to this day)


March 2021, 148lbs

I am going to fast forward through summer and fall 2021 because all I did was go out, have fun and really didn’t follow a plan or challenge - this was my first single non-quarantine summer in YEARS so I treated it as such 😂 I didn't even really workout, and didn't eat in a bulk for the first time in a long time!

By the end of the summer I had lost so much weight and was back down to around 130lbs, with a much lower body fat % which was very disappointing after all of the success I saw over 2020 getting thiccy. By the end of the FALL I dipped back under 130lbs to around 128lbs... AGAIN... and I was noticeably skinnier - I was working at a club, drinking and getting terrible sleep - I was also unable to workout properly because I couldn't eat or sleep properly... I was all over the place and it showed. 

 November 2021, 130lbs


The first month or two of 2022 I spent travelling.. I just needed to get away. I no longer was working at the club and on these getaways I practiced self love - really focusing on eating good, keeping active and relaxing my mind.

When I finally got back home I was determined to keep up the lifestyle. Eating multiple good whole meals everyday, loving myself, feeling worthy, sleeping well... and I gained almost all the weight back - Currently at 142lbs.

November 2021-March 2022 (142lbs)

And NOW it's time for The Talk to the Peach challenge! During this challenge I am going to work on increasing my strength and work on establishing a good FULL BODY workout habit, even though I am pretty good and consistent in going to the gym in general now, I just need to also incorporate training cardio, core and upper body and the challenge will help me, and you, with a well rounded fitness program that trains our ENTIRE body... not just glutes 😂 

My goal now? Keep getting booty gains because, duhhhh.. but also be able to do pushups again (I can hardly do 5 assisted ones right now 😢). I also want to get back up to 148lbs so I'm looking for 6lbs of gains over the challenge 👀

Anyway, I hope this article showed you that you are allowed to and WILL fluctuate, you are allowed to fall off and most importantly I hope my story shows you that you can get back on and when you do the benefits are so enormous and exciting - life is about phases... enjoy each one!

Sign up for the Challenge and let the next 6 weeks be the start of your transformation! 

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