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Zoom Kali's Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

Kali's Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

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This is going to be your new fav fitness accessory... no it's not booty bands or a barbell pad... but a cookbook, with healthy recipes that are going to help you FUEL your gains. 

This cookbook comes with 47 mouthwatering recipes that will help you reach your fitness goals through strong macros, a variety of caloric values to choose from and tips for substituting within recipes. 

It also comes with step by step instructions to calculate macros, links to calorie calculators and information about calories and how to figure out what type of calorie profile you want to use to reach your goal. 

SO, what are you waiting for? 

Let's start cooking 💪 

Kali's Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

$10.00 Regular price $19.99


Are TFY Plans made by a certified trainer?

Yes! Each plan is made with scientific methods in mind by a certfied personal trainer and every nutrition plan is made by a certified nutrition coach. All of our trainers have years of experience and success training clients and themselves to reach goals and create healthy lifestyles!

Is there any option if I want to join but cant afford it?

YES! We offer the SEZZLE payment method - choose sezzle at your checkout to pay over a 6 week period. This method has no fees for on time payments, no credit checks and is a safe payment processor.

What happens after I am done the plan?

All TFY PDF programs are yours to keep forever. You can go through them a second time or move on to a new one. As long as it is saved to your phone you can go back to it at any point.

How do I see the most results during my plan?

We always suggest that with every workout plan you pair with a TFY meal plan. Your nutrition and training working together is your key to see long term, accurate results. Our trainers can tailor your meal plan to suit you and your individual goals - paired with a training plan you can't go wrong!

About us


Kali is the TFY founder and has been a certified personal trainer since 2018. She continues to learn more fitness and health methods/ best practices to keep clients getting results and coming back for more! Kali designs all of the TFY with Kali plans and all of the TFY fitness challenges!


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