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Get a custom meal plan and custom workout plan uniquely tailored for you by our certified nutrition coach and personal trainer to help you EAT FOR YOU and TRAIN FOR YOU! Our coaches can work with anyone of any sex/gender. Every plan is tailored to the individual- no cookie cutter plans here!

Custom meal plans are great for Men and Women who are looking to:

  • Lose weight 
  • Gain weight 
  • Eat healthier 
  • Get stronger 
  • Increase energy 
  • Try a new diet (vegan/vegetarian etc.)

At this time meal plans can be made with specifications for:

  • Vegan diets
  • Vegetarian diets
  • Non-restrictive (meat included) diets
  • Personal preferences
  • Food Intolerances

What you will get when you purchase the Eat & Train TFY Package:

Meal Plan

  • 4 week meal plan
  • Grocery list 
  • Weekly check ins 

Workout Plan

  • 4 weeks of custom workouts tailored to you and your goals 
    • You can train longer than 4 weeks you just need to sign up again for an additional 4 weeks - we recommend at least 2-3 months of training for best results.
  • Weekly check ins
    • You will also have access to a TFY trainers' personal TFY email to get in contact with them
    • At check ins you will get to ask any questions, get help with form, make changes to the program etc.

What happens after you purchase?

After you purchase your plan you will be emailed an intake form 24-48 hours after for you to answer so when you are connected to our nutritionist they will be able to ask any clarifying questions before beginning your plan

When will your plan be finished?

If you choose the check ins version of the plan you will get it 2-3 days earlier than the intake block start date. If you get the meal plan only version you will get it prior to the intake block start date.

If you have any questions about the eat & train package please email us at

    Why sign up for an online coach?

    Online coaching is incredible because of how versatile and tailored to you it is and can be. You can stay in the comfort of your home, train at the gym, across the world and have access to a certified personal trainer in your pocket! You get all the benefits of personal training with the flexibility to train on your own time, when and where you want to without needing to commit to in person sessions… it’s a win win situation for you!

    What is the process?

    After signing up for our online coaching you will be sent an intake form to gather some more of your information and then will be connected to your assigned coach VIA email where they will go through your form, ask any questions they may have to tailor your program to help you see the results you want to see! Please fill out your intake form ASAP once sent to you so we can connect you to the best trainer for you.

    What happens after you get your plan?

    You will have 4 weeks of coaching starting from the start date of your intake block. What you get from the coaching is listed above!


    Is it only for women?

    NO! Our coaches are trained to be able to service anyone of any sex/gender so that if you want to TRAIN FOR YOU we can help you no matter who you are!


    How do I get a refund/exchange?

    You can get a refund prior to being connected to your trainer. Once they are connected to you and get involved you have officially taken up a spot up on their monthly intake list so at that point your sign up is non-refundable. To be clear, this point is after you submit your intake form and get the “Meet your TFY Coach” email. Once you get this email you cannot get a refund but you can contact to get help finding a new start date if necessary.


    What if I start my plan and something happens where I can’t continue?

    Each trainer has their own intake availability every intake block. If you start your 4 week plan and get injured/sick and can’t continue please contact and request a new start date! You will be put on their priority waitlist for the next intake but any utilized check ins will NOT be refunded or credited to your next start date.


    Does Kali do the Online Coaching?

    At this time Kali is not taking online coaching clients, however you can sign up for her TRAIN FOR YOU W/KALI workout plan PDFs on the “workout plans” section of the site.

    TFY Eat & Train



    Are TFY Plans made by a certified trainer?

    Yes! Each plan is made with scientific methods in mind by a certfied personal trainer and every nutrition plan is made by a certified nutrition coach. All of our trainers have years of experience and success training clients and themselves to reach goals and create healthy lifestyles!

    Is there any option if I want to join but cant afford it?

    YES! We offer the SEZZLE payment method - choose sezzle at your checkout to pay over a 6 week period. This method has no fees for on time payments, no credit checks and is a safe payment processor.

    What happens after I am done the plan?

    All TFY PDF programs are yours to keep forever. You can go through them a second time or move on to a new one. As long as it is saved to your phone you can go back to it at any point.

    How do I see the most results during my plan?

    We always suggest that with every workout plan you pair with a TFY meal plan. Your nutrition and training working together is your key to see long term, accurate results. Our trainers can tailor your meal plan to suit you and your individual goals - paired with a training plan you can't go wrong!

    About us


    Kali is the TFY founder and has been a certified personal trainer since 2018. She continues to learn more fitness and health methods/ best practices to keep clients getting results and coming back for more! Kali designs all of the TFY with Kali plans and all of the TFY fitness challenges!


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