Fabric BBK Booty Bands

  • $25.00
  • $38.00

When you order "Fabric BBK Booty Bands" you will get:

  • 3 fabric bands with non-slip strips to prevent sliding. 
  • 3 different resistances! (Lightest- Light Purple, Medium- Purple, Hardest- Dark Purple).
  • A Mesh carry bag w/logo that can fit all three bands!
  • My new "booty band bible" e-book PDF ($18.99 value) that you can keep and use forever (read more about it below).

 Information about the "booty band bible" e-book ($18.99 value):

  •  30 days of booty band exercises 
  •  4  booty/lower body workouts per week
  •  Education about different muscles of the glutes and how to target them.
  • Home and Gym friendly workouts 

Kali Takes You Through 11 of Her Fav Booty Band Exercises