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Online Training Packages

TFY Custom Workout Plan

Custom workout plans are tailored to you and your individual body, preferences experience levels and goals so you can really TRAIN FOR YOU. A custom training program with check ins with your TFY trainer will help you stay accountable, try new things, reach your goals more efficiently and essentially have a certified trainer in your pocket no matter where you are! They Include:

4 weeks of custom workouts tailored to you and your goals

You can train longer than 4 weeks you just need to sign up again for an additional 4 weeks - we recommend at least 2-3 months of training for best results.

Biweekly check ins or Weekly check ins

You can choose the amount of official check ins you want to have

You will also have access to a TFY trainers' personal TFY email to get in contact with them when you have questions

At check ins you will get to ask any questions, get help with form, make changes to the program etc.

Calories/Macros coaching from your TFY Coach

this includes how many calories and how much of each macro you need to eat this does NOT include a meal plan. Your trainer can give you vague suggestions for food to their discretion but if you want meal coaching please sign up for the EAT & TRAIN package

TFY Custom Meal Plan

Get a custom meal plan created for you by our certified nutrition coach to help you EAT FOR YOU! Our nutrition coaches can work with anyone of any sex/gender. Every meal plan is tailored to the individual- no cookie cutter plans here!

Custom meal plans are great for Men and Women who are looking to:

Lose weight

Gain weight

Eat healthier

Get stronger

Increase energy

Try a new diet (vegan/vegetarian etc.)

At this time meal plans can be made with specifications for:

Vegan diets

Vegetarian diets

Non-restrictive (meat included) diets

Personal preferences

Food Intolerances

What you will get when you purchase a custom TFY Meal Plan:

4 week meal plan

Grocery list

Either just the meal plan or meal plan with weekly check ins (option available)

Eat and Train Package

The Eat & Train package gives you the most value - eating well and training well really is the key to success with your fitness goals. With this package you will get both of the above uniquely tailored programs with weekly check ins.

With this program the coach will really work closely with you to make sure your training and nutrition is really working for you, your goals and your health.


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